Sound & Lighting

We have a variety of speakers to accommodate just about any room size. Whether your reception is a in a cozy room with a few guests or a large hall with hundreds of people, we will provide the right amount of sound to keep your guests dancing instead of covering their ears.

All wedding packages come with professional DJ lighting for the dance floor. This includes sound activated lights, spreaders, and spinners. Additionally, you may want to upgrade your experience with uplighting.

Uplighting adds an elegant touch to your reception. We can match the lights to your color scheme for seamless integration into your decorating. This is a popular option that is fast becoming an indispensable feature. Our LED uplights will not blow the breakers or your budget, and are safe to use near drapery, table cloths, etc. Because LEDs do not get hot, they are safe to touch, and will not harm the curious child.

  • Adds a dramatic flair to your decorating
  • Adds elegance and style
  • Provides a warm inviting atmosphere
  • Fully Customizable


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